May 1, 2011

Google Summer of Code

Hey all,

maybe you've read it already on Twitter, I got picked for GSoC2k11 :D
Of course I'm very proud and want to thank everybody who helped me across the way. Especially my mentor: Edward J. Yoon.

If you don't know what my project actually was, have a look at Development of Shortest Path Finding Algorithm.

Basically I want to create a scalable solution, that takes a HUGE graph :) and and provides a fast solution of SSSP (single source shortest path) problems.
Like I already told in the Apache's Jira issue, I focus on a distributed Dijkstra algorithm that uses an adjacency list. So at first I'll focus on sparse graphs. The adjacency list is stored into a BigTable structure, in my case this will be HBase.

After I finished this, I will focus on a refinement of partitioning and if I have enough time I extend the Dijkstra with an A* heuristic.

These steps are basically my plan for this summer :)

Right now I started my first commit of Dijkstra's algorithm, it currently contains the old BSP version which I started with weeks ago to get familiar with Apache Hama. It is actually a working example, so feel free to check out the code and run its main method. This will start a local multithreaded BSP with some sample data of the german wikipedia page of Dijkstra's algorithm.
The class is located here: de.jungblut.hama.bsp.BSPDijkstra.
The repository can be found here:

Please star this project and the jira issue :D

I'll keep you updated on every change and thoughts I made. 
Thank you very much: Edward, Apache Software Foundation and Google!

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  1. Thanks for the informative blogs Thomas. I'm looking into using MapReduce or Hama to create an index of large graph-based datasets so these blogs have given me some great ideas.